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Principal Investigator – Professor Raghu Raghavan (De Montfort University, DMU)

Raghu is an expert in transcultural mental health and wellbeing, will lead, integrate, represent this project. Raghu’s clinical background is in health psychology and nursing, with expertise in participatory research and co-production. His research is encapsulated by four overarching, but inter-related themes which address issues in mental health, disability and wellbeing: improving access to services/interventions, user involvement, practice and service development, cultural diversity and inclusion.


Co-Investigator – Professor Brown (De Montfort University, DMU)

Brown is Professor of Health Communication at De Montfort University and brings substantive research expertise in health humanities and has worked on in a number of AHRC funded projects. The core of Prof Brown’s work has focused on the interpretation of human experience across a variety of different disciplines including health care, philosophy, education and spirituality studies, exploring how this may be understood with a view to improving practice and with regard to theoretical development in the social sciences. Particularly, this concerns notions of governmentality and habitus from Foucauldian and Bourdieusian sociology and how the analysis of everyday experience can afford novel theoretical developments.


Co-Investigator – Professor Michael Wilson (Loughborough University)

Mike joined Loughborough University in September 2014 as Professor of Drama, having previously been Dean of Research and the Graduate School and Professor of Drama at Falmouth University. Before that, he was Head of Research at the Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Glamorgan, where he also ran two research centres. Mike is a member of the Programme Advisory Boards for the RCUK’s programme on the Digital Economy (led by EPSRC) and the AHRC’s programmes on Digital Transformations and Connected Communities. He is also a member of the AHRC Strategic Reviewers Group and Chair the British Council’s Arts and Humanities Panel for the Researcher Links and Institutional Links Programme (Newton Fund).

Further info: https://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/aed/staff/academic/michael-wilson/

Co-Investigator – Professor Monica
Lakhanpaul (University College London)

Professor Lakhanpaul’s research promotes citizen science using structured and participatory methods to co-design interventions for the advancement of population science. She particularly focuses on disability, asthma and nutrition as exemplar public health issues in South Asian families to optimise their health and later risk for non-communicable disease. She is also a community paediatrician and works directly with children and their families to understand their health challenges. 

Further info: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/child-health/people/lakhanpaul-monica

Co-Investigator – Dr Asha Soletti (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Professor Asha Banu Soletti is currently the Dean, Office of Students’ Affairs. She teaches Masters level courses for the thematic areas-Social Work in Public Health and Social Work in Mental Health. She also guides Doctoral Scholars working on issues of the elderly, Palliative care and other health-related concerns. Her areas of research include children affected by HIV/AIDS, Aging and Elder abuse. Her field of practice and core expertise includes community health, mental health, community mental health and development, HIV/AIDS, gerontology, cancer care and palliative care. She has been a visiting faculty at Gothenburg University (2012). She has extensive field engagement both in the urban and rural context through her field action projects and other community-level interventions. Presently, she coordinates a field action project “Integrated Rural Health and Development Project” which is located in a tribal belt and caters to the health needs of the Konkana, Warli and Katkari tribes through a social determinants framework. She has actively responded and contributed to the disaster relief work operations of the Institute. She also serves in the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of many organisations. She actively involves training and capacity building of diverse stakeholders in her field of practice and has been part of M&E teams.

Further info: https://www.tiss.edu/view/9/employee/ashabanu/

Co-Investigator – Professor Santosh Chaturvedi (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience)

Professor Chaturvedi is Head of the Department of Mental Health Education at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) at Bengaluru, India, a multidisciplinary institute for patient care and academic pursuit in mental health and neurosciences. The priority gradient adopted at the Institute is service, manpower development and research. NIMHANS participates and conducts a number of psychosocial and cultural international projects. Professor Chaturvedi will contribute research training, linking the project with government and NGOs and will input into analysis and dissemination.

Further info: https://santoshchaturvedi.in/

Co-Investigator – Professor Sivakami Muthusamy (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, TISS)

Sivakami has expertise in population studies and is the main co-investigator in India. She will co-lead work packages 1 and 5 with Professor Raghavan. Sivakami has previous experience working on public health projects with migrant communities in Mumbai. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, where Sivakami is based, is an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centred, ecologically sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all.

The project is located in School of Health Systems Studies (SHSS) within TISS, Mumbai which has active research programmes and national and international research collaborations in areas of health policy, health systems strengthening and public health.

Further info: http://tiss.edu/view/9/employee/sivakami-muthusamy/.

Co-Investigator Dr Nadia Svirydzenka (De Montfort University)

Dr Nadia Svirydzenka is a Lecturer in Social Psychology at De Montfort University. She completed her BSc in Psychology at Drake University, United States; MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Brunel University, London; and a PhD with the focus on Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Dundee, Scotland. She then spent four years as a Research Associate at the Greenwood Institute of Child Health at the University of Leicester.

Nadia’s primary research interests lie in the field of social psychology with the focus on self and identity processes in children and adolescents when applied in the area of mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Recently, Nadia has been using Identity Structure Analysis approach in studying emotional and social psychological processes underlying the development of self and identity in children and adolescents. This particular strand of research focuses on trying to understand the individual and group variations in identity development and its impact on psychological well-being of young people in a cross-cultural context.

Further info: https://www.dmu.ac.uk/about-dmu/academic-staff/health-and-life-sciences/nadia-svirydzenka/nadia-svirydzenka.aspx

Co-Investigator Dr Indrani Lahiri

Dr Indrani Lahiri, Senior Lecturer in Media & Communication. She holds an Associate Fellowship with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London. She is the Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is Senior Fellow of HEA and an Academic Consultant in public relations. She is interested in developing interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary research projects within the university, nationally and internationally. 

Her research focuses on digital media, society and politics.  Her research interests include pressing questions in contemporary media studies, digital society, socio-political concerns, political communication, public relations, media psychology, diversity, inclusion, race, media culture, media effects, media technologies, big data, postcolonialism, globalisation, political economy and social developmental policies (to mention a few). Her experience of working in social media has provided excellent opportunity to learn and gather knowledge on the research methods and skills to communicate effectively and efficiently in the social media to impart impact. Her engagement with social media innovation has contributed to further research collaboration internationally. Apart from these, she has a special interest in the media pedagogies.

Further info: https://www.dmu.ac.uk/about-dmu/academic-staff/technology/indrani-lahiri/indrani-lahiri.aspx

Dr Amanda Wilson

Dr Wilson is a qualitative psychologist who uses discourse analysis to better understand marginalisation and health. She is broadly interested in the training and development of health professionals and applying discourse analysis to address health disparities in local, national and international communities. Her area of expertise is in sexual and reproductive health. To date, her research has focused on British men’s engagement in family planning in order to improve maternal health. She has investigated multiple perspectives to further understand how British men’s engagement is influenced by men themselves, health services, nurse practitioners, training manuals, female partners, male contraceptive methods and seminal constructs.

Her background also includes practical experience providing harm reduction and education to injecting drug users (illicit and/or image and performance-enhancing drugs), including individuals with a dual diagnosis and sex workers. This involved delivering training on harm reduction within drug services as well. She has a professional degree from the University of Chicago. During her degree she completed independent research on poverty and marginalisation in India, focusing on both health and family planning within a Muslim slum community. She also gained experience in the non-profit sector in Chicago. Dr Wilson continues to use the principles of social justice and reproductive justice to guide her work.


Co-Investigator – Dr Erminia Colucci (Middlesex University)

Erminia Colucci is Senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Middlesex University London (UK). Prior to this she was a lecturer and academic lead at the Centre for Psychiatry at Queen Mary University of London (UK), where she co-developed and coordinated the MSc in Creative Arts and Mental Health and lead the MSc in Transcultural Mental Healthcare and the Research Methods in Mental Health module. From 2007 till 2015, she was a Research fellow and Lecturer at the Cultural and Global Mental Health Unit, University of Melbourne where she is currently Honorary Senior Research Fellow. Her main area of research and training is in Cultural and Global Mental Health and Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology with a focus on low-middle income countries and immigrant and refugee populations. Her key interests are human rights and mental health, suicide and suicide prevention, domestic violence against women and children, child neglect/exploitation, spirituality and faith-based and spiritual/traditional healing, and first-hand stories of people with lived experience of ‘mental illness’ and suicidal behaviour. Erminia is passionate about using arts-based and visual methods, particularly photography and ethnographic film-documentary, in her research, teaching and advocacy activities.

Further info: https://www.mdx.ac.uk/about-us/our-people/staff-directory/profile/colucci-erminia

Co-Investigator Dr Meena Kolar Sridhara Murthy (National Institute of Mental Health & Neuroscience)

Dr Meena Kolar Sridhara Murthy specialises, Associate Professor, NIMHANS, specialises in Major Psychiatric Disorders, Suicide Prevention, School Mental Health, Community Mental Health, Documentation of IEC Materials.

Further info: http://nimhans.ac.in/mental-health-education/mental-health-education-staffing

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