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Our emphasis is on formulating knowledge in new, creative and accessible ways, through use of applied theatre and media engagement as an intervention to enable knowledge to be used in genuinely empowering and emancipatory ways by citizens of Kerala (India), researchers and health service agencies.

Our Focus

Our specific focus is in the state of Kerala in India which is witnessing an alarming rise in mental health disorders within a fast-changing socio-economic societal context with a higher prevalence of mental ill-health and alcohol abuse than the rest of India. Our focus will be on developing culturally appropriate, acceptable and accessible mental health literacy, and we will develop this through engagement with users and stakeholders. This will be achieved through our exploration of lived experiences of Mental Neurological and Substance Use (MNS) disorders and their effect on families and communities; their narratives on understanding these through social, economic and cultural factors; and how intersecting inequalities affect the ability to access treatment, help and support. MHL is defined as knowledge and beliefs about mental disorders which aid their recognition, management or prevention.